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The Howl Ensemble is an experimental installation and community action. It is an open system that will live for six hours on a single day. We invite an audience to listen or participate, to come and go, to become obsessed, to become hungry, to join us or dismiss us. There will be music, poetry, bodies, and change.
This event is the second Dublin statement in a nomadic multi-year conversation with Allen Ginsberg’s long poem Howl…. It is not an adaptation of this poem, but rather an embodied ensemble response.
Food, drink, and musical instruments are welcome at this event. 
A single ticket purchase (€5) will give all-day access from any time, including re-entry, to this event. Some places will be reserved each hour to join the performing ensemble; these tickets will be €10. Individuals who wish to “top-up” an audience ticket to join the performers may do so at the venue on payment of an additional €5
Tickets will be on sale from the 15th of June via the Ten Days In Dublin Festival. They will also be available at the door.
This event is conceived and organized by Nick Johnson.
Thursday 7th July : 12 – 6pm
Hello Operator
12, Rutland Place, Dublin.1 
The Howl Ensemble.