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Music Current

Music Current Festival


Retro Disco

13th April 2019

Smock Alley, Dublin

I am thrilled to be taking part as a ‘participant composer’ in this wonderful festival.

Music Current is a contemporary music festival run by Dublin Sound Lab, offering audiences a showcase of contemporary Irish electronic music and new international repertoire, and includes a participation strand for composers to take part in masterclasses, discussion, collaborations and performances.

My work And The Birds Sang will be performed by Retro Disco at Currents on 13th April, Smock Alley, Dublin

Samuel Stoll – Horn

Moritz Mullenbach – Cello

Simone Keller – Synthesizer

One of the inspirations for And The Birds Sang draws on Gilles Deleuze’s discussion in Cinema I, of the movement of perception being between “two poles, objective and subjective” (Deleuze 1986, 71).

The work investigate the movement between our perception as performers and as audience members through the design and presentation of an electroacoustic work which can be performed and experienced in a wide variety of settings.

At Music Current the animated sound score of And The Birds Sang is visible to both the audience and performers. The horn, cello and synthesizer will investigate the sound-making potential of their instruments inspired by the combined visuals and soundtrack, the audience will perceive the work through the experience provided from hearing and seeing the animated score in combination with the performance of the ensemble.

The work is also available in the online environment of a web-browser and can be accessed at:

An audio recording from Music Current is included below