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How The World Begins Again

The wonderful Elizabeth Hilliard has created a fantastic podcast, it’s being featured during the Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott.

Friday evenings, during the interval, How The World Begins Again is being aired thanks to Athena Media, produced by Helen Shaw, audio mix by John Howard, theme ‘Phonology Garden’ by Grainne Mulvey.

How The World Begins Again

Episode 1 ‘A Sense of Place‘ highlights Jane O’Leary, Natalia Beylis, and Jenn Kirby

Episode 2 ‘The Space Within’ highlights Rhona Clarke, Una Lee, and Jennifer Walshe

Episode 3 ‘A Shared Path’ highlights Tiffany Qui, Susan Geaney, and Claire Fitch

Episode 4 ‘Crossing Borders’ highlights Evangelia Rigaki, Caterina Schembri, and Ann Cleare

Episode 5 ‘Class Work’ highlights Jennifer Walshe, Bernadette Comac, Claire Fitch, Ann Cleare, Gráinne Mulvey, and Natalie Baylis

Episode 6 ‘Rebuilding’ highlights Finola Merivale, Abigail Smith, and Ailís Ní Ríain

Episode 7 ‘A Different Beat’ highlights Una Monaghan, Éna Brennan, and Karen Power

Episode 8 ‘Evolutions’ presents a wonderful discussion between many of the artists featured in the podcast.

It was a fabulous experience to be interviewed by Elizabeth. Her in-depth questions uncovered some great opportunities for reflection. Thanks to RTÉ Lyric FM for airing the series! Listening to it provides so much inspiration, we need to hear more!

My work, Becoming Imperceptible, commissioned by Droichead Arts and Thirty-Three 45, is part of the interview in episode 3 ‘A Shared Path’.