Spike Alternative Cello Festival


FESTIVAL LAUNCH: Claire Fitch/Open Mic Cellists

Spike, Dublin’s alternative cello festival, will be back for its third installation Friday 8th-Sunday 10th February 2019 in venues across Dublin. After the festival’s hugely successful, entertaining and innovative 2017 & 18 incarnations, the 2019 programme will present unique events with some of the most talented and exciting cello artists & friends from home and abroad.

Then, in the first of the evenings at The Workman’s Club, Irish games composer and cellist Claire Fitch will premiere an interactive gaming piece for cellos and a big screen, commissioned by Spike. Claire, formerly a cellist in the RTÉNSO, has been writing music and creating sound effects for games since 2003, ranging from loud action shooters to quiet and cute educational games. For Spike she has created a project which will call on two cellists to react to movements on screen, as if playing a game, to create a piece of music. After this performance there will be an open mic chance for visiting and resident cellists to perform their own works in five fifteen-minute slots hosted by the festival.


This is a live recording of the performance at the Workman’s Club, Dublin.

Laptop: Claire Fitch
Cello: Lana Kostic www.lanakostic.com/
Cello: Awen Blandford www.facebook.com/awencello/

Streets of Dublin

Streets of Dublin 

Streets of Dublin. Ruarí O

Ruarí O  has recorded a version of the classic Ralph McTell song from 1969 ‘Streets of London‘.

It is 50 years since the original release but things haven’t changed – different year, different city, different country but same story.

Filmed in Dublin in 2018.  Click to see and hear the video

For more information on homelessness in Ireland and where to get support please check out:  www.pmvtrust.ie



Thanks to Anlúan O Coileáin, John Leader, Claire Crehan, Claire Fitch, Eimear Crehan, Jamie Crehan, Tadgh Reilly & Saoirse Lawlor for their help in recording this song and filming this video.

Copyright of Streets of London is owned by Essex Music Group

Eimear: Scars Album Release

Eimear:  Scars

Presenting Scars – the debut album from Irish singer songwriter Eimear. In this show Eimear will take you on a journey of stories from past years, stories of love, life, loss and inspiration. Featuring various guest musicians, each song has its own style and unique element – but all tell a story and all are told by a powerful storyteller. Eimear has been waiting a long time to share these stories with you all and this promises to be a great night. 

Music on the night from:

Claire Crehan on keys
David McDonald on guitar 
Claire Fitch on cello 
Imogen Gunner on violin
Philip Donnery on drums
Saoirse Lawlor & Louise Lennon on backing vocals 

Album art by Callum Knight

Support on the night from Beatrix Nova, an incredible young songwriter who will enchant you with her soulful songs infused with catchy hooks.

The Moat Theatre is delighted to host this event.

Facebook Event Page

Photos from the night

Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale

The scary podcast with tales of grim real-life doings has been using Ambiencellist tracks.  (Thanks to Mike Boudet)

Sword and Scale has been on the airwaves since 2013, “covering the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions.”

Check it out.

Episode 109

Episode 107

Episode 100

Gertrude Stein Remix

Here’s my live remix / improvisation of Gertrude Stein reading A Valentine To Sherwood Anderson. 1922.

ValenT by ambiencellist

.. and here’s the original.

The process of how I created this remix involved using Ableton Live, controlled by Touch OSC, plus having various external effects hooked up to the audio interface.
Manipulating the digital and analogue effects is what has given this a really off the wall feel.

I plan to do many more!

There is an audio file uploaded to Soundcloud included below:


During the summer I did a live remix of a recording of Fausto Romitelli‘s “Nell’alto dei giorni immobili” for Sincronie Remix 2011.

It made it to one of the chosen remixes.

Have a listen to Oximeter on SoundCloud.

Oximeter by ambiencellist

I created this remix by using Ableton Live and various external effects which were connected to the computer via my RME FF800.

Narrative Arts Club

09 November · 19:30 – 22:30
Library Bar Extension, Central Hotel
Exchequer Street (off South Great George‘s Street), Dublin 2 
Baile Átha Cliath 
Here’s a recording of one of the stories. by “The Oh-Aissieux”

Eye Soup by Narrative Oh-Aissieux

Lost Souls’ Electronic Cellist at the Narrative Arts Club

Two of Ireland’s most innovative and irreverent storytellers, Adam Wilson and Coilín “The Oh-Aissieux”, present their most gruesome tales of the dead and the undead, while the quick-witted Ambiencellist loops up the goosepimples on cello with electronic effects


The Howl Ensemble is an experimental installation and community action. It is an open system that will live for six hours on a single day. We invite an audience to listen or participate, to come and go, to become obsessed, to become hungry, to join us or dismiss us. There will be music, poetry, bodies, and change.
This event is the second Dublin statement in a nomadic multi-year conversation with Allen Ginsberg’s long poem Howl…. It is not an adaptation of this poem, but rather an embodied ensemble response.
Food, drink, and musical instruments are welcome at this event. 
A single ticket purchase (€5) will give all-day access from any time, including re-entry, to this event. Some places will be reserved each hour to join the performing ensemble; these tickets will be €10. Individuals who wish to “top-up” an audience ticket to join the performers may do so at the venue on payment of an additional €5
Tickets will be on sale from the 15th of June via the Ten Days In Dublin Festival. They will also be available at the door.
This event is conceived and organized by Nick Johnson.
Thursday 7th July : 12 – 6pm
Hello Operator
12, Rutland Place, Dublin.1 
The Howl Ensemble.


From the heart of Europe comes a Muslim from the Middle East, standing in an empty space at dusk, full of memories, dreams and hopes…
This hour long piece of music theatre is the initial stage of a collaboration between actress Claudia Schwartz, theatre director Liam Halligan and cellist Claire Fitch. The work is inspired by Austrian playwright Robert Schneider’s play FILTH which Claudia and Liam presented with Project Brand New as part of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival 2009. 
Here’s a rehearsal recording:

Trash3 by ambiencellist

Sunday 15th May : 8pm 
Monday 16th May : 8pm 
The Back Loft, La Catedral Studios 
Augustine St, Dublin
Tickets : €10 / 8
TRASH. A music theatre piece in development.